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Virtual 1:1 Presentation Coaching
April 2020
Clear, engaging and persuasive communication is just as important online as off. Plus there are more challenges to consider.We’re running 1:1 virtual coaching over Zoom, as well as small group sessions and large group interactive webinars.We can easily flex...
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How to interrupt politely on Zoom
June 2020
We’re hearing that some people are finding it tough to interrupt politely on Zoom, Teams, Skype etc.We all know colleagues who have no problem talking over others. We also know colleagues who find it tough to make themselves heard at the best of times, let...
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Tips for great video calls
September 2020
If you’re working from home, you might well be getting that work done using Zoom, Teams or WebEx.But we all know that a meeting over video conference is a lot bumpier than one that’s face-to-face, especially when there are more than a few people involved....
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