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Leading through Change

Leading through Change


Change is key if an organisation is to thrive and grow.

It’s rare that change is a one-off event; more likely change is on-going, with multiple areas of the business undergoing transition at any one time. Sometimes change is a result of external conditions, sometimes it’s initiated from within. People respond in different ways – some will be enthusiastic and on-board, others will find it unnerving or even threatening, at which point performance can suffer, potentially putting the change in jeopardy.

This course equips managers and leaders to manage change pro-actively and positively. Attendees explore the stages of change, our psychological and emotional response to change, and the steps that we as managers and leaders can take to manage that response.

It highlights the critical importance of communication and transparency in reassuring and motivating teams in times of ambiguity, from the overarching vision through to the everyday practicalities.

Participants Learn

  • The different stages of Change

  • The common active and passive symptoms of resistance

  • The characteristics of well-managed, and not-so-well managed Change

  • The neuroscience of Change, understanding threat and reward states in relation to Change

  • Looking in the mirror – processing my own response to the Change and using my approach to help others

  • Practical approaches and techniques to manage each type of threat response

Course Outline

Leading through Change uses facilitator-led theory and discussion combined with breakout exercises, enabling attendees to discuss their own experiences, insights and actions in depth. Attendees come with examples of their own change scenarios to discuss in the group and the breakouts.

The focus is always on how to apply the knowledge in the real world, grounding every theory or model in their day-to-day experience.

Attendees leave with a better understanding of the impact of change and how to better manage their team’s varied responses.

Additional Information

This course can form part of a broader, bespoke Leadership Programme, or run as a stand-alone session.

It can be run either as an in-person or virtual workshop.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.

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