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Giving Feedback

Giving Feedback


“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” according to Ken Blanchard, the grandfather of leadership development.

Yet why is it often hard to swallow, and why do we go to such great lengths to avoid giving it?

Giving Feedback is dedicated to building the skill of giving and receiving feedback.  In a highly interactive session, participants develop a deeper understanding of the need for feedback and what gets in the way of us giving and receiving it well.

Participants will leave with some easy-to-remember tools and techniques that will help them to give the kind of feedback that will make a real difference to the way people perform at work.

Participants Learn

  • The psychological need for feedback and why even badly delivered feedback is better than no feedback at all

  • Why positive feedback is every bit as developmental as “constructive” feedback

  • How to give feedback in a way that encourages a growth mind-set

  • Why your motivation for giving feedback matters

  • The difference between praise and positive feedback

  • The concept of “clean” and “dirty” feedback and the impact of the simple act of noticing

  • How to receive feedback and the pitfalls to avoid

  • Techniques with easy-to-remember acronyms that can be used every day

Course Outline

Giving Feedback uses group discussion, sharing of feedback experiences, interactive exercises and live feedback practice and coaching to deliver and embed the learning.

Participants leave with a toolbox of strategies techniques, feeling confident in their ability to deliver motivational and developmental feedback to colleagues and their team.

Additional Information

This course can form part of a broader, bespoke Leadership Programme, or run as a stand-alone session.

It can be run either as an in-person or virtual course.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.

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