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Personal Impact

Personal Impact


The importance of creating a good first impression and maintaining it throughout a conversation or meeting is critical. For some people this ability is innate, but for many it is a skill that can be acquired. We call this ability Personal Impact.

Very often we don’t accurately gauge the impact, or lack of impact, that we have on others. Many of our attendees fear being too pushy, and as a result are ignored in meetings. Some want to appear more confident, but just don’t know where to start. Or others think that the secret to more impact is to say more.

These are issues that we notice in ourselves, and in others, every day. But it’s something we rarely talk about. Our Personal impact course shines a light on this crucial and sometimes sensitive topic. It examines how we use our voice and body to either lower or increase our impact, to a level that is right for us and right for the context we’re in.

Participants Learn

  • What you’re doing well and what’s holding you back

  • The importance of personal energy

  • The role of voice and body in making an impact

  • Body language: using it to your advantage

  • Using the voice to convey confidence and authority

  • Meeting for the first time – what you should pay special attention to

  • How to maintain your confidence with challenging or high-status individuals

  • How to adapt to different cultural norms (geographical and company)

Course Outline

This is a highly interactive course with demonstrations and exercises throughout. Attendees learn by doing and from observing each other. It’s appropriate for people who work in teams and who need to influence others as part of their role, whether in team meetings or more informal conversations.

Additional Information

For attendees who also present regularly, we would recommend that instead of Personal Impact, they attend Presentation Masterclass. Please get in touch to discuss which approach is right for you and your team.

This course partners well with Influencing Skills.

Get in touch to talk through which solution will work best for you.

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