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Advanced Presentation Skills

Advanced Presentation Skills


Our Advanced Presentation Training is for experienced presenters who feel comfortable presenting and now want to up their game. Perhaps you regularly present to the Board, or often speak at conferences, or find yourself delivering off-the-cuff speeches to your team. This course helps to make your content more compelling and your delivery more persuasive.

We tailor the content of the session to the specific needs of the group, so the content varies slightly each time. Typically we look at a combination of modules, which might include: how to use story techniques to make a powerful introduction; presenting to large audiences or very senior audiences; making a large stage work for you and handling Q&A sessions.

Advanced Presentation Training opens your eyes to how you can add colour and power to your presentation and your delivery, whatever the situation.

Participants Learn

Depending On The Group And The Length Of The Session The Course Can Cover:

  • What you’re doing well and what’s holding you back

  • Story techniques to hook your audience and keep them engaged

  • How to make sure you’re pitching your content at the right level for your audience

  • Understanding your ‘core’ presentation style and trying out new styles

  • The characteristics of great presenters

  • Working your room and working your stage: voice, body language and use of space

  • Managing stage-fright

  • Designing your slides to help you shine

  • Interacting seamlessly with your slides

  • Presenting complex data

  • Perfecting your elevator pitch

  • Adapting your content ‘in the moment’

  • Handling questions

  • How to excel at repeat presentations

Course Outline

We design the Advanced Presentation Training session around the specific needs and objectives of the group, so the learning is highly focused on each individual. One person can share the needs and objectives of the group in advance (e.g. the group’s manager or L&D business partner) or the attendees can share them at the start of the session. The facilitator then adapts the content to those specific needs and objectives.

The structure will also depend on whether the group has attended Presentation Masterclass.  We encourage the group to attend Presentation Masterclass first. But if this isn’t possible, we include some of the key learning.

Some of our clients gather 360° feedback in advance of the course, others bring along footage of them presenting at a conference. We can then use this alongside what we see on the day to help analyse and coach during the session.

The day is a mix of theory, discussion, practice and coaching. It’s highly interactive, absorbing and challenging. Attendees thrive on the personal attention and come away eager to put their learning into practice.

Additional Information

Typically we run this session with groups of 4-10 people, over one day. This number allows us to give each attendee individual attention, but we can also adapt the session for larger numbers.

Our Make Yourself trainers have run Advance Presentation Training and coaching many times, with many of our household-name clients, are are skilled at helping bring the best out of every attendee.

Our one-on-one Advanced Presentation coaching sessions are also very popular. Our one-on-one clients are typically senior leaders who are moving into a new role, or who have a specific presentation that they want to perfect.

Advanced Presentation Training can be run over one day, and in more depth over two-three days.

Get in touch to talk through your specific needs and together we can work out the best approach for you.

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