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Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management


‘Stakeholders’ is deceptively simple term. It masks a huge variety of roles, objectives, personalities and expectations, internally and externally.

Every day, an individual is likely to be asked by one or more stakeholders for a task to be completed (and it's likely that they are making requests of their other stakeholders). Typically, demand exceeds the ability to supply in the time required.

That’s where Stakeholder Management skills come in.

This session helps attendees to appreciate the importance of understanding the requester’s perspective more deeply, equips them with the skills not only to show understanding and empathy, but to probe and thoroughly scope what they’re being asked to do. It gives them techniques to manage their stakeholder’s expectations and teaches the importance of clear communication from start to finish.

The attendee leaves better able to manage their workload, while ensuring their stakeholders’ needs are well met.

Participants Learn

  • The role of understanding others’ drivers, objectives, fears and context

  • The importance of Trust – understanding, analysing and building Trust

  • How to ask powerful questions

  • Empathetic Listening and its impact on your ability to build relationships and influence

  • Techniques to really understand the scope of a stakeholder request

  • Techniques to manage expectations

  • The importance of agreeing and sticking to a plan of communication

Course Outline

The session combines theory, discussion and breakout sessions.

We focus the learning on the group’s real-life challenges and experiences, with attendees using their own examples for practice. Regular breakouts in which attendees explore their own situations and potential solutions ensure that the learning is directly applicable to the ‘everyday’.

The session is energetic, fun and thought-provoking and can be a powerful turning-point in their ability to manage their stakeholder relationships.

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