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Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers


If the role of a leader is to unlock the full potential and improve the performance of their team, then coaching is the key.

This course builds the skill of coaching in everyday management situations.

Many coaching courses miss the mark by teaching content that is more suitable for training internal coaches. This course teaches simple everyday coaching techniques targeted specifically at leaders and managers so that they learn how to raise the performance of their teams, helping their people to think for themselves and improve their performance.  This is about noticing opportunities to coach as they arise every day and about learning how to coach 'in the moment'.

Participants Learn

  • What coaching is and why it is an essential tool in every leader’s kit bag

  • What a coaching mindset is and how to step into this mode

  • The core skills of coaching

  • The impact of different types of question and when to use them to best effect

  • The importance of withholding judgement

  • Techniques with easy to remember acronyms that can be used every day

  • When not to coach

Course Outline

We use group discussion, interactive exercises and live coaching practice to deliver and embed the learning. Participants bring real-live scenarios to use in their live coaching sessions.

Participants leave with a toolbox of techniques, feeling confident in their role as manager-coach and committed to trying out a coaching technique when they return to the office.

Additional Information

This course can form part of a broader, bespoke Leadership Programme, or run as a stand-alone session.

It can be run either as an in-person or virtual course.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.

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