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Building the High-Performing Team

Building the High-Performing Team


This session uncovers how to be an effective and inspiring leader of High-Performing Teams.

Drawing from the fields of behavioural economics, psychology and neuroscience, participants discover what lifts and what limits performance. 

Participants learn how to unlock the potential in others and to engage and motivate their teams and how to manage the common bear-traps that teams can fall into.

Participants Learn

  • The definition of a High-Performing team

  • The behaviours that lead to high performance and how to recognise when they're there and when they're not

  • An easy-to-remember model for High-Performing teams

  • Strategies and techniques to inspire High-Performing Team behaviours

  • Creating a Team Charter – a five point plan for performance and growth

Course Outline

The session takes the best of well-researched and current theory around the creation of high-performing teams, and then applies it to the reality of each attendee’s situation.  The format is broadly theory/application/theory/application etc., giving each an attendee time to focus on their own teams, via group work and individual reflection.  They consider their current situation and direct reports, developing insights and actions that they can apply straight away.

The session uses discussion, group work, video, questionnaires and exercises to land the learning.

Attendees leave with a clear understanding of the principles that underpin a high-performing team, and a practical, personal road-map of how to achieve them. 

Additional Information

This course can form part of a broader, bespoke Leadership Programme, or run as a stand-alone session.

It can be run either as an in-person or virtual workshop.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.

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1/2 - 1 day

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