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Leading Self

Leading Self


Leading Self enables participants to better understand themselves so that they can be a more effective and inspiring leader.

Research studies* have shown how those who are more aware of their own emotions, preferences and strengths are more effective leaders than those who were less aware.

By becoming more aware of our default attitudes, thoughts and behaviours, as well as the other options available to us, we are able to become more conscious and deliberate about our feelings, thoughts, actions and outcomes.

Participants Learn

  • Fixed & Growth mindsets

  • Using different Leadership Styles for different situations

  • What Emotional Intelligence is and how to strengthen your EI to be a more effective leader

  • Understanding your Personality Profile and preferred Communication Style

  • Identifying and playing to your Strengths

  • Managing your Saboteurs

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Defining your Leadership purpose and using it to inspire you and your team

  • Using self-coaching to improve performance

  • Understanding your preferred approach, and alternative approaches, to conflict management

Course Outline

Leading Self combines a breadth of topics which can be dialed-up or dialed down according to the group's specific learning objectives. Participants complete pre-work tasks before the session and where the programme is divided into separate parts, in-between sessions as well.

As with all our courses, Leading Self is a highly interactive, practical and directly applicable learning experience.

We can also run additional ‘deep-dive’ days, into areas including Personality Profiling and Communication Styles.

Additional Information

Leading Self can be run as a 1-day or 2-day programme, or as a series of half-day modules.

It can be delivered in-person or virtually.

*See this HBR article for more detail on the research behind the value of self-awareness in leadership.

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