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Create Great Presentations

Create Great Presentations


No matter how confident an individual is or how good their presentation delivery, it counts for nothing if their content is poor.

Create Great Presentations uses creative and persuasive techniques, plus inspiration from storytellers, to show how great content is the foundation of a successful presentation. It’s the ultimate cure to death by PowerPoint!

Participants Learn

  • How the brain deals with presentations

  • How to really understand your audience

  • Be clear on the behaviour change you want and how to achieve it

  • The importance of ideas

  • Explore different ways to structure a presentation

  • Be more creative by using stories, analogies and themes

  • Hook an audience with inspiring titles

  • Appreciate the power of visuals

  • Harness the power of audio-visual

  • Handle complex information like graphs and charts

  • Spend less time writing presentations

  • Keep content lean and mean

Course Outline

Attendees on Create Great Presentations work on a live presentation during the course of the day, building in the learning as they complete each module. Presentations can be on something new, something outside the work environment or the next big presentation they have to deliver.

Additional Information

Longer courses are available for groups who want to focus in greater depth on their presentation content and visual design. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and find out more.

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