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Building Trust

Building Trust


It's tempting just to focus on what we can measure - price increases, cost reductions, even industry awards. But it's important not to lose sight of the intangibles that are less visible but are critical to success.

Building Trust explores this critical factor in effective relationships, whether these are internal team relationships or external client, customer, supplier or other stakeholder relationships. Without trust, team-working is slow, client and customer relationships are awkward.

If you've ever thought "I know this person is really good at what they do but don't quite trust them and I'm not sure why", then trying to strengthen that trust can seem a daunting task. This course makes this task much easier to understand and therefore much easier to achieve.

Participants Learn

  • Why Trust is so important

  • The four components of Trust in an easy-to-remember model

  • How to analyse the level of trust your have in others, and their trust in you

  • Simple, practical strategies and techniques to increase others' trust in you, and how to help them increase your trust in them

Course Outline

Building Trust is an interactive, practical training course, using facilitator-led theory, breakout exercises and group discussion.

Participants analyse specific key relationships in pairs, exploring current levels of trust as well as the drivers of that trust, or distrust. They discuss in pairs and with the wider group which techniques are likely to work best and how to apply them as soon as they are back in their roles, leaving with a clear plan of action.

Additional Information

This course can form part of a broader, bespoke Programme, or run as a stand-alone session.

It can be run either as an in-person or virtual workshop.

Please get in touch to talk through what approach would suit your organisation best.

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