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“Quiet Revolution. Is it better to be an introvert?” is a piece from last Sunday’s Telegraph (paywall) exploring what it means to be an introvert in a world often designed around extroverts. It’s centered on author Susan Cain, who spent 7 years in happy solitude writing her first book on the subject, then a whole year on the speaker circuit talking about it (the irony isn’t lost on her). It was a runaway success – her TED talk has been viewed 14m times. This week, she’s releasing a follow-up book focused on helping children and young people.

We particularly liked the article’s Top Five Confidence Boosters, including (self-confessed introvert) Marissa Meyer’s tip on how to get over a hardwired dislike of parties.

Another tip, ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’, is a cliché, but we’ve seen hundreds of attendees on our Presentation Skills and Personal Impact training courses who know it to be true. They finish a talk or a presentation amazed at how much more comfortable they felt, simply because they turned up the volume, or occupied more of their ‘stage’.

If you’re interested in a one-on-one or team MBTI session to help you identify whether your natural preference is for introversion or extroversion, get in touch. And we’re always here should you want help boosting your confidence when you’re in meetings or presenting.