Presentation Skills

Level 2 – Pitching to Win


Why do some companies have such a high pitch conversion rate? What is it that they know and others don’t? Is it the process they follow, what they say or how they say it?

This course unlocks many of the secrets to successful pitching. We look at how to get the most out of every contact opportunity, how to create powerful content and how to deliver a winning performance.
This course can be tailored to meet the needs of the first-time pitch team or the seasoned practitioner.

Participants learn:
  1. The fundamentals of the pitch process
  2. Pitch psychology and team theory
  3. Why it’s critical to consider client personality types and how to use them
  4. How to gain the advantage right from the start
  5. How to get the most out of Chemistry meetings and Q&As
  6. How to create persuasive pitch content
  7. The most effective questions to ask
  8. What clients look for
  9. The common mistakes that will lose you the pitch
  10. Pitch presentation delivery tips and tricks
Course outline

The course combines theory, exercises, roleplay and one-on-one coaching. A roleplay runs throughout the course, incorporating Q&A and chemistry sessions, pitch presentation creation and preparation, culminating the pitch itself. Performances are filmed and trainees coached to deliver persuasive presentations. The course content can be adapted to support internal processes and typical pitch scenarios.

Timelength 1 day
Attendees 8-12

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