Phone Confidence training course


A great telephone manner is key to business success. But how much time do we spend improving it? Many people’s voice lets them down – poor use of level, pace and vocal range can all diminish a person’s status and influence. Adapting your style can make all the difference to business relationships. Phone Confidence focuses on harnessing the power of the voice when on the phone.

Participants learn:
  1. The impact and importance of the voice when handling colleagues or clients on the phone
  2. The different components of the voice
  3. Energising and supporting the voice
  4. Pacing and pausing
  5. Tone
  6. Emphasis and inflection
  7. Using Intent to make the voice more emotional and engaging
  8. Exploring the top and bottom of the voice and how they work together
  9. Posture and breathing
  10. Diction
Course outline

This is a very interactive course with phone exercises and roleplays throughout. This course can be tailored to a company’s specific needs, eg cold calling and understanding the importance of the gatekeeper; calling a new client for the first time; deepening existing relationships; remote working in a global network.

Timelength ½ day and 1 day
Attendees 4-10

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