Presentation Skills Training

Designing Great Presentations


Presentation Design affects many of us every day but receives barely any attention. Even the best presenters can be sabotaged by badly-designed presentations. And it’s not just about making your presentations visually appealing – a well-designed presentation is a persuasive presentation. This course will make your PowerPoint presentations look like they’ve been created by a design professional. This presentation design training course will make your presentations look like they’ve been created by a design professional, whether you use PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Presentations.

Participants learn:
  1. The four principles of good presentation design
  2. Why PowerPoint doesn’t have to be a dirty word
  3. The importance of the idea
  4. How many slides? Different presentation styles
  5. Templates & Layout
  6. Colour: theory and practice
  7. Text & fonts
  8. Visuals: how to translate your ideas into powerful visuals
  9. Effective and innovative data visualisation
  10. Builds and animations – the dos and don’ts
  11. How to use audiovisual effectively
  12. Presenter’s tools
Course outline

Our presentation design training is a mix of theory and practice. Trainees apply their learning to one of their own presentations in a workshop environment with one-on-one coaching, transforming it into a world-class presentation deck.

Timelength 1 ½ days
Attendees 6-10

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