Influencing Skills training course


Our Influencing Skills training course workshop is for those who want to be better at influencing those around them, whether internal or external stakeholders, peers, direct reports or more senior managers. It is designed as an introduction to the wider arena of Influencing Skills. It focuses on two critical areas – management of the self and awareness of the motivations and communication styles of others. It is particularly useful for those who want to work on their emotional intelligence.

Participants learn:
  1. What makes a good influencer?
  2. Who do you have to influence and what issues do you face?
  3. Self, others and the dynamic in-between
  4. Self-confidence and your ability to influence
  5. How personal impact makes a difference
  6. Knowing yourself and the impact of your reactions
  7. Active listening
  8. Recognising and adapting to different communication styles
  9. Building rapport and understanding
  10. Understanding drivers and goals
  11. Understanding everyone’s ‘ring of fear’
Course outline

This Influencing Skills training course combines theory and practice. Attendees have the opportunity to share their own challenges and work on potential solutions.

Timelength 1 day
Attendees 6-15

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