Influencing Skills

Handling Difficult People


Difficult colleagues are one of the most common reasons good people leave a company. This workshop enables attendees to handle difficult people more effectively. It understands that while you probably can’t change your colleague or client, by changing the way you react to them you can build a better relationship. Ultimately, that means greater job satisfaction and productivity.

Participants learn:
  1. What makes a difficult person?
  2. Different types of difficult
  3. Understanding how and why you react the way you do
  4. What are you doing that might be making things worse?
  5. Communication styles and how to handle them
  6. Getting yourself in a positive state
  7. Sovereignty of first and second order
  8. Transactional Analysis
  9. How your listening skills can make the difference
  10. Empathy and understanding
  11. Self-disclosure
  12. Disarming translation
  13. Learning to push back, diplomatically
Course outline

The day is a mix of theory, exercises and roleplays. Participants are encouraged to bring the situations they face into the workshop. The group works on a range of possible solutions and practices how they can be applied.

Timelength 1 day
Attendees 8-12

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